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Lies That Are Making Us Fat, Depressed & Sicker Than Ever

Shockingly, our best intentions to live a long and healthy life are deliberately sabotaged. From the diet industry to the food and pharmaceutical industries, the primary goal of these profit-driven conglomerates is to sell their products at whatever cost. That cost just happens to be our health—and most often—our very life. One only has to


Diet Plays Critical Role in Depression, Says Researcher Phoenix Gilman

Depression. Anxiety. Panic attacks. Suicide. Obesity rate skyrocketing. Type 2 diabetes running rampant. Now, more than ever, people are suffering with these serious health conditions—and it’s only going to get worse with our current economic meltdown. However, researcher Phoenix Gilman has critical information that can help avoid and/or alleviate these conditions. While everyone is certainly


Researcher Phoenix Gilman Reveals Why 98% of All Diets Inevitably Fail

FACT: 98 percent of all attempts to lose weight inevitably fail. As reported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), this astounding rate of diet failure is frighteningly apparent with 127 million Americans overweight, 60 million obese, and 9 million morbidly obese. But, unlike what most health experts’ claim, diet failure is not due to


Caffeine Plays Critical Role in Obesity and Depression, Says Researcher Phoenix Gilman

The #1 most socially accepted, legalized drug is caffeine. Both young and old consume it daily—and at an alarming rate—be it in their lattes, energy drinks, ice teas, sodas, etc. Yet caffeine is highly addictive and it drastically depletes serotonin, a major neurotransmitter that governs critical aspects of the brain’s ability to function properly. Obesity

Low fat diet is causing obesity epidemic

The Low-Fat Diet Is Fueling Our Rate of Obesity

For those who wonder why Americans are heavier than ever, carb addicted, depressed, and suffering with heart disease, you need not look any further than the low-fat myth that has sadly been perpetuated for the last 30 years. I like to call this the “low-fat myth,” because there wasn’t one, long-term study that verified the