Drug Pushers (AKA Doctors)

Drug pushers are everywhere and I’m not talking about the ones standing on the street corners. No, not even close. I’m talking about most of our medical professionals. AKA: medical doctors.

Each and every time I go to a doctor, though it’s not very often, they try to suggest either a statin or some other deadly drug. I tell them how I feel about their drugs, along with a few choice words. Sorry, but that’s just who I am.

First of all, my lipid profiles are excellent. In fact, three separate doctors have said to me that they wished their bloodwork looked as good as mine. (I say in all modesty.) Furthermore, all pharma’ drugs merely MASK disease. They do not cure disease. Not even close. They just mask the symptoms, all the while they begin to create new disease in the body. As a respected researcher, and one who works within the alternative healthcare industry, we seek to discover the underlying cause of illness/symptoms. Then we treat accordingly with proper nutrition and key supplements. My book, Diet Failure…the Naked Truth, is a perfect example of this.

Over the many years of working with women, I’ve heard endless stories of menopausal women being offered a “mild antidepressant” to help deal with this stage of their lives. Shamefully, far too many doctors are too damn quick to suggest these harmful drugs, with no concern to the side effects or how to ever got off them, if, and when, they decide to. Nor do these doctors ever bother to consider safer, far more effective solutions, such as a healthier diet, key supplements, etc. No, of course they don’t. They don’t make money that way.

A client just this past week told me her female doctor actually asked her if she “ever feels anxious?” Are you serious? After all that 2020 has brought us, from COVID-19, Trump, to businesses closing, over 225,000 people dead, etc., you don’t think we’ve all felt anxious?! I’m sorry, but this doctor was no different than a street thug trying to sell their drugs.

When my client said, yes, she feels a bit anxious now and then, but didn’t want to be on any drugs, the doctor insisted she try Zoloft to help her. Thankfully, my client is smarter than that. Just imagine, though, how many patients tragically fall prey to this kind of medical manipulation. After all, “Doctors know best.” Not.

Please, I urge you to educate yourself about what a healthy diet truly is, because nutrition is the base of 98 percent of all disease. With each bite you take, you are either creating disease, or you are not. You are either creating a healthier, leaner body, or you are causing the body to store more fat—and the many diseases that stem from obesity.

Whenever you’re ready to be healthier, whenever you’re fed up with feeling like crap, whenever you’re tired of the many drugs your doctor has you on—and you’re ready for change. . . please, contact me. I love nothing better than to help improve one’s life.

The Greatest Wealth is Health,