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The Serotonin-Insulin Connection

The Serotonin-Insulin Connection

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If you want to learn how you can safely, and effectively, mitigate addictions for  carbs/sugar, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, stop a transfer of addictions,  alleviate mood swings, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD/ADHD, PMS,  and insomnia, reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, eliminate “high  cholesterol” concerns, reduce excess body fat and triglycerides, while  increasing HDL, lower your risks for heart disease, certain cancers (especially  colon cancer) and dementia, stabilize blood pressure, add quality years to your  life, while taking 10-20 years off your looks (no facelift needed), increase your  energy exponentially, and improve your overall health in so many rewarding  ways, all without drugs, and in record time, please read this book from cover to  cover—and then implement what you’ve learned. It is truly life-changing/life saving. This, I promise you.  

— Phoenix Gilman  

Entrepreneur, Researcher, Product Developer, Author  

Weight Loss/Anti-Aging Expert, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist  Business Owner, Consumer Activist, Motivational Speaker