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Marietta Personal Trainer – Phoenix Gilman

Are you ready to go beyond simply working out with an ordinary personal trainer to working with the best personal trainer in Marietta? Do you want to take your fitness routine to the next level in a private training studio with a weight loss program unlike any other? Body by Phoenix can exceed your expectations.

Phoenix Gilman is more than just another personal trainer. She’s more than just a bestselling author, researcher, nutritionist, and respected weight loss/anti-aging expert. She has put her 40 years of personal training, nutrition, R&D, and consumer advocacy to work so as to devise a fat loss system that actually works. And, in record time.


Without a doubt, it’s been an exceptionally stressful year since COVID-19 struck.  So many senseless lives have been lost.  Families have lost loved ones.  People have lost jobs.  Businesses have closed.  With all that heartache and unrelenting stress coming at us daily, no wonder so many have reached to food and/or alcohol to cope.  Sadly, it only further perpetuates the vicious cycle of depression, weight gain, anxiety, etc.  And, the latest research on COVID-19 is now showing that obesity is a serious underlying risk factor, as to whether or not you’ll survive, should you get this deadly virus. Read More.