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Atlanta Personal Trainer – Phoenix Gilman

Ladies, are you ready to go beyond simply working out with an ordinary Atlanta personal trainer? Do you want to take your fitness routine to the next level in a private training studio with a weight loss program unlike any other? Body by Phoenix will exceed your expectations. This studio is dedicated to the women who truly want to be lean, healthy, strong, and fiercely independent, especially as they age.

Phoenix Gilman is far more than just another personal trainer. She’s more than just a bestselling author, researcher, sports nutritionist, and respected weight loss/anti-aging expert. Phoenix has put her 45 plus years of personal training, nutrition, R&D, and consumer advocacy to work so as to devise a fat loss system that actually works—and in record time.

You know from practical experience that diets fail—and exercise alone isn’t enough. Phoenix Gilman knows the “science” behind why weight loss is so difficult. Body by Phoenix is a holistic program focused on nutrition and features unique, highly effective, time-efficient personal training that always offers an exhilarating workout—and in just 30 minutes! Her clients lose body fat and inches like never before. They also keep it off long-term with Phoenix Gilman’s diverse expertise.

The success of the innovative weight loss program offered at Body by Phoenix has clients calling Phoenix Gilman the best personal trainer and sports nutritionist in Atlanta. And, with good reason. Her results speak for themselves. However, Phoenix is not just about an attractive physique. Her life’s work is about helping others reverse and/or prevent our most common diseases, obesity being merely one. Phoenix will take you well beyond weight loss so you can look and feel your best, moreover, she will help you achieve optimum health; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Book:

Prominent Atlanta personal trainer, Phoenix Gilman, has written the definitive best-seller on the most effective way to lose excess body fat long-term, alleviate depression, anxiety, cholesterol concerns, and so much more. Her critically acclaimed book is, The Serotonin-Insulin Connection. Find out more.

The Studio:

Body by Phoenix is a private weight loss and personal training studio dedicated to women. It is unlike any other. Nutrition-focused, high-intensity, results-driven, effective workouts are crucial to transforming her client’s bodies safely—and in record time. Learn more.

The Results:

With help from this proven, world renowned author, researcher, anti-aging/weight loss expert, personal trainer and sports nutritionist, your body will look better than ever. Phoenix Gilman will also help you reverse and/or prevent, numerous diseases, i.e., obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, mitigate addictions (carbs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine), alleviate cholesterol concerns, reduce risks for heart disease, and far more. Check out the before/after photos of her clients’ extraordinary transformations below.

Body by Phoenix’s Before and After Video Showcase

A 15-minute video that features just some of the many clients who’ve worked with fitness guru Phoenix Gilman.
Watch their truly amazing transformations happen right before your eyes!

Before & After Sample Photos

The following results come from training just 2 days per week/30 minutes per session!