Weight Loss Marietta
Philosophy: Defy – and Define Your Age!


FACT: 98% of all diets inevitably fail. They fail because of carb/sugar cravings and overall appetite.

Phoenix Gilman’s research reveals the critical key to overcoming both of these major issues. She teaches this proven science to her clients.

FACT: 80% of your success when working out is based on what you eat. Are you eating foods that will make your body store more fat or… burn more fat?

She teaches her clients’ the science of nutrition. She teaches them how to eat healthy for life. Reducing excess body fat safely, effectively, and quickly, is just one of the many health benefits that she brings to her clients. 

FACT: The only thing worse than NOT working out, is wasting your time when you do.

She combines her own unique style of personal training in Marietta that comes from 36 plus years of diverse experience; an exciting and ALWAYS fresh blend of weight training, functional training, kickboxing, suspension training, sandbag training, cardio blasts, and much more! Her sessions, an hour of training condensed into an exhilarating 30 minutes, will have you in the best shape of your life! Each session is personalized for that particular client. Not forgetting, an extensive emphasis is placed on the critical, yet most often ignored ingredient, NUTRITION. Combining these two essential elements allows her clients to make truly extraordinary changes—and with a minimal amount of time invested!

FACT: Many health conditions stem from poor nutritional/lifestyle choices, be it obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol panels, elevated trigs, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, etc.

Phoenix Gilman helps her clients’ prevent and overcome these various health conditions by teaching them how to live a far healthier lifestyle. 

FACT: Nutrition is a critical element in your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Her research reveals how the same foods that cause your body to store fat, will equally affect your mental/emotional health, i.e., mood swings, depression, rage, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. She teaches her clients how to prevent, and overcome, these various health conditions.

Body by Phoenix is a unique business model for the fitness industry, one that‘s most certainly needed by those hoping to get healthy in both BODY & MIND.

With the worldwide success that came with her book, The Serotonin-Insulin Connection, along with the exceptional results she produces for her clients’ at her private training studio in Marietta, GA, she felt it was time to expand her reach into the community in which she lives.