Without a doubt, it’s been an exceptionally stressful year since COVID-19 struck.  So many senseless lives have been lost.  Families have lost loved ones.  People have lost jobs.  Businesses have closed.  With all that heartache, and unrelenting stress coming at us daily, no wonder so many have reached to food and/or alcohol to cope.  Sadly, it only further perpetuates the vicious cycle of depression, weight gain, anxiety, etc.  And, the latest research on COVID-19 is now showing that obesity is a serious underlying risk factor, as to whether or not you’ll survive, should you get this deadly virus.   

I have long preached to my clients that being lean and healthy is not about how great you look.  Rather, it’s about limiting your risk for DISEASE.  Now more than ever, people need to do what they can to be lean, strong and healthy, so as to significantly reduce their risks with this virus.  But where do you start? 

First of all, this level of stress depletes serotonin, a major neurotransmitter. Though this brain chemical governs many things in the brain and body, my focus here, is how it governs our eating habits and mental health.  When serotonin is low, for whatever the reason, our brain will push us to consume the things that will quickly elevate it, from bread, pasta, pizza, wine, alcohol, sweets, to chips, caffeine, soda, beer, and so forth.  All of these things trigger insulin; the fat storing hormone. They’ll cause the body to store fat, at the same time, perpetuate mood swings, depression and anxiety, as well as numerous other health concerns.  Hence, why so many people are, unfortunately, gaining weight and feeling the need to got on antidepressants. 

So, how do you help avoid and/or reverse these serious health risks? First, please avoid the news.  Why? Because it focuses only on the darkness and heartache in the world.  How can we possibly feel good about getting up to go to work, when we are surrounded by endless negative stories?  Please remember, we are what we eat—and we are what we take in, whether it’s through TV, radio, friends, music, etc. Therefore, please try turning off the news.  Live in the moment.  Take a walk in the woods.  Hug your child.  Walk your dog.  Share a kind word.  Avoid toxic friends.  Put down the wine.  Put down the crap carbs.  Be kind to yourself.  Stay up.  Give back.  Live in gratitude.  Then, please consider calling Body by Phoenix to take you to the next level. 

At Body by Phoenix, located in Marietta, GA, I offer women solace from the above tragic cycle.  In my private weight loss and personal training studio, and/or through my virtual training, they find release from the chaotic outside world.  No news blaring in the background, instead, only positive energy to greet you.  I teach my clients how to maintain their serotonin and, thereby, control their cravings.  They learn the many detailed aspects of nutrition so they can immediately stop storing new body fat—and lose excess body fat safely—and in record time.  They train with me privately, one on one, with no one else to invade their session.  My clients discover what it feels like to feel joy, to feel empowered by their workouts, and to simply feel alive and motivated by taking control of their physical and mental health once again. 

If you’re fed up, concerned about various health risks, and you’re ready for change—please allow me the opportunity to share this life-changing/life-saving experience with you.  You’ll feel so inspired by my many other female clients who have refused to let COVID-19 get the best of them.  And, their extraordinary success, will most certainly inspire you to want more for yourself!

I look forward to hearing from you for your FREE consultation!  

The Greatest Wealth is Health, 

Phoenix Gilman 

Body by Phoenix (Private Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio) 

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist 

Weight Loss/Anti-Aging Expert

Researcher, Product Developer, Author

Life Coach, Consumer Activist, Speaker