Why do people lie? And, if you choose to lie, why do you then shamefully verbally and/or physically assault the person who called you on your lies?

I apologize, but this article is not my usual health-focused-inspire-you-kind-of-article. Rather, it’s about what I’ve tragically discovered, while running my business solo in GA for the past nine years. I am wore out. Beat down. And, extremely disappointed in most humans.

My career, and life’s passion, is to literally help change one life at a time. Help my many clients get leaner and healthier! Get them off meds! Alleviate their depression, anxiety and insomnia. Mitigate their addictions to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugar/carbs. Reverse their diabetes. Greatly improve their cholesterol panels. Lower trigs. Lose excess body fat and inches. I help them feel and look better than they have in decades! I’m excited when I get the opportunity to help another woman be her best.

I equally run a very generous business. Pay me late? I wave the $20 late fee. Don’t give me the required 24 hour notice of cancellation? I typically allow them to make that session up. However, when it comes to honoring the various terms/conditions when a client wants to exit their contract, absolutely, I expect this. Not only is this the right thing to do, but I also, as the business owner, never breach a single term/condition in their contract.

Sadly, along the way, there are those who come to me with less than honorable intentions. Maybe, those individuals seek my expertise knowing right off the bat they plan to steal from me. Or, maybe, once they’ve gotten what they wanted, or they realize to get results, you need to actually do the work, etc., they then decide to breach their contract. Either way, once I try to hold them accountable to the contract they willingly signed, this is where you realize exactly what that person is made of. Never before would I believe the depths that some people will go to get out of a contract.

I’ve been accused of extortion. Extortion?! (I sued that client and won.) I’ve been called a fraud. A cheat. They lie right to my face. When one woman suddenly could no longer afford my services, she screamed at me, accusing me of “forcing” her to sign the contract. That was insane. Forced you?? Others have threatened to sue me. When I asked them why—and to please review their contract, they have no valid response. Moreover, they admit that they no longer have their contract—and want me to print a copy for them. So let me get this straight: It’s effortless to toss me under the proverbial bus with your vicious character assassination, yet you don’t even remember what you signed? Priceless—and, disturbing.

Through it all, I respectfully remind each client they gladly signed my contract without hesitations whatsoever. Only now, when they’re expected to honor said contract, it’s far easier to tear me to shreds, to slander me and everything that I am. How can they stoop so low? Where does this viciousness come from? Why is it so damn easy to lie without any regard or conscience? After all, I’m not teaching these people how to paint a rock, rather, I’m teaching them how to add quality years to their life.

To say it isn’t hurtful would be a . . . L-I-E. So I will not say that. It is hurtful. Very hurtful. It makes me want to run and never look back.


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