“Weight Out of Control?”

The typical woman who seeks my expertise is 45 plus years of age. With regard to her physique, what once worked, is no longer working. In fact, the harder she tries to lose the extra pounds, the tighter her pants become—and the more depressed she feels.

I love working with women, because, as a woman, I understand them. I understand their struggles when it comes to being overweight, depressed, and miserable in our own body. Unfortunately, 90 percent of the women who come to me think they are “eating healthy.” Sadly, they’ve been lied to. Hence, why they’re getting heavier by the week, mood is awful, and they’re increasing their risks for other diseases far beyond obesity.

No one chooses to be overweight. It is a hopeless feeling. You feel alone in your struggles. Desperate for help. However, until you come to understand what I like to call, The Science of Nutrition, your endless diet attempts will fail. (And, it’s not about cutting out fat. Your body and brain thrive on healthy fats!) Furthermore, until you understand how serotonin, a major neurotransmitter, governs your eating habits, i.e., cravings and overall appetite, your many diet attempts will most certainly fail again and again.

Understanding how to maintain your serotonin, and thus, stabilizing your insulin levels, is first and foremost. You have to learn how to calm the brain, to quiet that ever-nagging voice in your head that drives you to consume the food/drinks that cause your body to store fat, as well as diabetes, depression, hypertension, and so forth. Next, learning what is truly healthy to eat, is vital to living a life with optimum health.

I teach this, and so much more, to the women who come to me. If you’re struggling to lose the excess weight, if you’ve ever failed at a diet, if you want to lose the weight quickly and safely, if you want to learn how to get the body you’ve always desired, if you’re feeling depressed, hopeless, lost and alone, if you want to look and feel great, look years younger, while adding quality years to your life, if you want to reverse and/or avoid disease, please, contact me. I would love to share this life-saving/ life-changing experience with you!

In the meantime, I invite you to please view my BEFORE/AFTER video of my clients, found on my website, bodybyphoenix.com. I feel it’s important for their images to show you what’s truly possible. . .

Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!

The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman
Body by Phoenix (Private Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio)
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist
Researcher, Product Developer, Author
Weight Loss/Anti-Aging Expert
Life Coach, Consumer Activist, Speaker


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