Perception of One’s Self

I’ve often wondered how some people can gain 50, 70, even 100+ pounds, but never realize it. After 44 plus years of working in the health/fitness industry, I finally understand “how.”

First of all, I gladly devote most of my time to training women over 45 years of age. I do so, because these women are no longer stressing about trying to get in shape merely for their summer bikini, rather, they now realize what this lifestyle is truly all about: being healthy, strong, and independent, as they age. In the process, they will also look fabulous in their bikini, clothes, etc.

In all modesty, through our shared partnership, we’re making extraordinary transformations. These women, 40, 55, 68 and even older, look absolutely fantastic! However, far too many tell me that while they see their measurements and pounds dropping, with countless photos to capture their stunning transformation, they still feel like they look like their beginning photos. How is this possible?

Time and time again I hear this. This was baffling to me, because they’ve all lost a ton of weight, dropped excess body fat, taken 15 to 20 years off their looks, added lean muscle, and so much more. Unfortunately, the reality is, their PERCEPTION of their self is skewed. And, this, is precisely how some people can gain so much weight, but, sadly, never realize it.

As you can see, our perception of ourself is often inaccurate. In fact, it can take six months, or longer, before that perception catches up to the actual reality. By then, another 30 pounds or so are gained. The good news is that perception will change—and you will eventually see the many positive changes happening before your very eyes! All I can do is keep inspiring my clients to work the nutrition, as I taught them, show up for their training sessions, and believe in the process. After all, it is a journey—and one that should be celebrated daily.

The Greatest Wealth is Health,