Put an End to Your Cravings—and so Much More!


Don’t you ever wonder why your cravings are impossible to ignore? Don’t you ever wonder why no matter how much low-fat food you eat, you still can’t lose the weight, your tummy is getting bigger by the day, your mood is all over the place—and your doctor wants to put you on yet another pharma med?

All of this suffering is senseless, b/c the truth is, there is a way to control your cravings once and for all. You can lose weight safely. Stabilize your mood. Learn to sleep through the night. Lower your trigs and blood pressure Get off all those harmful meds, and add quality years to your life!

Stop falling for the lies perpetuated in the diet/food industries. You can’t expect to be able to eat pastries and lose weight. You can’t honestly believe that a candy bar-turned-bowl-of-cereal is a healthy choice for your kids or you. How can fast-food ever be considered a healthy option based on mere calories? Yet this is what I see throughout every grocery store, diet products, weight loss blogs, weight loss apps, and the clever advertising campaigns for such products, would expect us to believe! I am disgusted by the endless deceptions that are continually pushed upon the trusting consumer. Sadly, these lies are making you heavier by the day. The disease will soon follow if it hasn’t already.

Learn the truth about cravings! Learn the truth about what causes depression, insomnia, hypertension, etc. Learn the truth about how the body actually stores fat, and then you, too, will understand why low-fat or counting calories is not what you should be following. Please! Do it for you. Do it for those who love and need you!

The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman
Body by Phoenix (Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio)
Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist
Researcher, Product Developer
International Author, Weight Loss Expert
Consumer Activist, Speaker

Book: diet failure…The Naked Truth
Website: bodybyphoenix.com


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