“Got Fat?”



“GOT FAT?” Tragically, even with years of science to support it, far too many people still fear eating fat. Why is that? If one was to truly understand the physiology of the human body, they’d realize this fear is without merit.

FACT: Insulin needs to be present for the body to store fat.
FACT: Healthy fat does not trigger insulin. Carbs do.
FACT: All carbs equal sugar because they break down into one sugar molecules in the digestive tract.

Furthermore, want a healthy brain? Please put down the whole grain bread, cereal, skim milk, bananas, etc., and EAT FAT. The brain alone is 60% fat! It thrives on fat! It needs fat to function properly!

Our body needs fat, as well, to function at its best. I eat 3-4 sticks of butter every week, 2 dozen whole eggs, HWC, sour cream, avocados, avocado mayo, plenty of fresh/white cheese, coconut oil, coconut butter, 3-4 fat bombs every day, olives, EVOO, etc., and yet my body fat remains at 13.3%, 1% above essential. I’m 57, wear a size 2, weigh 133 lbs, disease-free—and no meds. I never go hungry. I never feel deprived.

This is equally what I do for my clients. Feel inspired? I sincerely hope so.

Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman

Marietta Personal Trainer


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