Researcher Claims Dietary Supplement Has Superior Success Rate in Alleviating Depression, Unlike Deadly Antidepressants


ATLANTA, GA, August 27, 2014 –When will the psychiatric industry be held accountable for the untold number of tragic and senseless deaths it causes every year with their deadly drugs?

Researcher, Phoenix Gilman, however, has a 100% success rate at alleviating depression–and safely weaning clients off antidepressants. How does she achieve this? With a clinically supported dietary supplement; a supplement that comes without side effects; can work within 1-2 days, not weeks, cost-effective; and no prescription required.

She goes on to say, “While the supplement has incomparable clinical studies to support it, nutrition is equally critical to alleviating (and preventing) depression, anxiety, etc. Yet when is the last time you ever heard a psychiatrist talk about the direct link between nutrition and depression? Anxiety? ADD? Never. I find this infuriating, because if one truly knows how serotonin works, more so, all those things the deplete it, then they’d realize this critical, and often, lifesaving fact. Instead, they push their deadly drugs, drugs that will never cure, drugs that will most certainly create more psychosis, often leading to even deeper depression, suicidal thinking, suicide, and mass murder/suicides like Columbine.”

She says the evidence of what these drugs are capable of has long been known. “The ‘Black Box’ warning on antidepressants should be proof enough that these meds are not the solution. Even though Big Pharma, FDA, etc., are fully aware that these drugs are known to increase depression and suicidal thinking, they still allow them to be marketed to the unsuspecting public—and at an alarming rate.”

Phoenix Gilman pleads with the media, “Millions of people are suffering senselessly with depression. Millions of people are taking their own lives, because of these drugs. People need to know there’s a much safer and far more effective solution. It can be achieved by using this key supplement—and coming to understand the vital role nutrition plays in their mental/emotional health. I’ve helped so many people get off these dangerous drugs, and alleviate their depression; without drugs or side effects.” All of this and much more, she says, is revealed in her book, diet failure…the Naked Truth.

About the Author: Entrepreneur, Phoenix Gilman, is a respected researcher and international author with over 37 years of diverse experience. Her research, supported by clinical studies, has been recognized by many, including the Centers for Disease Control,, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, best-selling authors Michael Murray, ND, co-author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Diana Schwarzbein, MD, author of The Schwarzbein Principle, and numerous other high-profile experts.

Phoenix Gilman


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