The Cholesterol Scam


Since the early 1950s, doctors have warned their patients endlessly about cholesterol. yet most do not understand what cholesterol is, nor why the body can’t thrive without it. Please allow me:

Cholesterol is a type of fat. It is a soft, waxy, fat-like substance found in the bloodstream and in all of our cells. And, in case you didn’t know it, we need cholesterol. It’s an important part of a healthy body. Cholesterol not only helps produce cell membranes, but it also provides the structure within cell membranes and keeps those cells permeable. Several of our major hormones (DHEA, cortisol, testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, and vitamin D), are all made from cholesterol. Cholesterol provides a type of insulation around nerves. This helps electrical impulses move freely. Neurotransmitters are dependent on cholesterol. Cholesterol is, therefore, necessary for proper brain function. Furthermore, cholesterol and other fats are water-insoluble, i.e., they cannot dissolve in the bloodstream. Thus, they have to be transported to and from the cells by special carriers. These cholesterol-carrying proteins are called lipoproteins; HDL, LDL, VLDL.

Furthermore, the “total cholesterol” (TC) number is not an accurate way to assess one’s overall risks for heart disease. It is a totally useless number, but one that most doctors focus on so as to sell you a deadly statin. My TC and your TC could be the same, but the numbers used to add up and provide that TC, are entirely different. The best way to achieve healthy levels of these lipoproteins, thereby, reducing your risks, is by living a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle will help increase HDLs, while at the same time, decreasing unhealthy levels of triglycerides. I worry more about trigs, getting them 70/60 and under—and reducing one’s insulin gauge (widest girth of the stomach) than I do about cholesterol. Get your stomach down with a healthy diet, learn how to maintain your serotonin, and your lipids will go in the right direction.

Contrary to what most experts will tell you, you need to eat healthy foods rich in cholesterol to shut down your body’s internal clock and keep it from producing its own. If you deprive your body of this vital nutrient, your body will be forced to produce its own. To avoid this health risk, you need to eat foods (at every meal) that contain cholesterol. If you don’t, your body will make cholesterol from carbs. This is not a healthy type of cholesterol. Excellent dietary sources of cholesterol-laden foods are red meat, shellfish, milk, butter, poultry, fish, cheese, and eggs. Other than the red meat and milk, I enjoy plenty of these foods, making sure I eat 2-3 with every meal.

Instead of risking your life with a deadly statin, avoid anything that triggers insulin. Insulin increases the overproduction of cholesterol. This list includes sugar, stress, alcohol, prescription, and nonprescription drugs, OTC meds, poor diet, low fat/low-calorie diets, cigarettes, lack of healthy fats and proteins, caffeine, ma huang, all stimulants, processed and refined foods, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive, and high GI carb intake equals high insulin levels, which creates the most harmful form of cholesterol. This is what increases your risks for heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

In closing, cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease. Heart disease, heart attack, and stroke are caused by plaquing of the arteries, which is caused by high insulin levels. Avoid anything that causes insulin levels to rise, especially long-term.

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