Women 40 and Over: Be Healthy! Look Years Younger! Feel Fabulous!


Women have often devoted their lives to raising children, caring for a husband, running a household, and maintaining a full-time job. Sadly, however, they often neglect themselves along the way.

With the kids now grown and the husband content, the woman suddenly wonders where did she go. How did she get here? She’s miserable. Her mood is erratic. She’s as weak as a kitten. Her pants are tight. No matter what diet she tries, it fails. So, she starts her day with a cup of coffee, skips lunch, and ends her day with a glass (or two) of wine. She drags herself to bed. Wore out. Hopeless. Unappreciated. She feels (and looks) far older than her 45 years of age.

Unfortunately, this is the scenario I hear from every woman who seeks my expertise. As a woman myself, I empathize, because, as a female, we are the caregivers. That is who we are. But we do not need to sacrifice ourselves, or our health, as we care for others.

One of my greatest joys is taking care of women 40 and over. To witness the total transformation of their entire being is truly remarkable. They become stronger physically, yes, but also mentally and emotionally. They’re leaner than ever. Pants are now following off. They’re healthier. Happier. Motivated. I teach them why the cravings kept coming, better yet, I teach them how to control them lifelong. They feel empowered! I teach them how to eat healthy for life. They feel hopeful! And, they feel and look better than they have in years! I teasingly tell them I’m going to give them a $20,000 facelift without having to go under the knife. In all modesty, I do just that.

These women are awakened to whom they once were long before the husband, kids, house, and career. These women are inspired. These women, 40 and over, are also inspiring countless other women, both older and younger.

There is no greater reward for me than to help facilitate this stunning metamorphosis.

Call me TODAY to help change your health, and life, in so many amazing ways!

The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman

Author, Diet Failure the Naked Truth

Body by Phoenix: A Private Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio




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