Put Down Your Statin, Pick Up Healthy Fats


It is tragic to know just how many millions of people around the world still have such blind faith in taking statins, the most deadly drug in the market. These drugs do NOT protect you against heart disease, in fact, they will create new diseases in your body, i.e., stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, liver damage,  eye damage, cancer, even sudden death. If you want a healthy heart, avoid those things that trigger insulin, from processed carbs/high GI carbs, sugar, low-fat dieting, dieting in general, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, pharma drugs, OTC meds, lack of exercise, etc.

Please learn how and why your body thrives on cholesterol! Please learn how and why your brain thrives on cholesterol!

Healthy cholesterol is found in healthy fats, i.e., butter, fresh/white cheese, organic mayo, heavy whipping cream, eggs, fish, shellfish, beef, chicken, sour cream, and many other cholesterol-rich foods. I eat 3-4 sources of healthy fats and cholesterol with every single meal and snack. My body fat, at age 57, is just 13%, 1% above essential body fat for women.

Learn the truth about cholesterol! Learn why you should focus on your triglycerides, not your cholesterol, for a healthy mind and body!

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The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman

Author, Diet Failure the Naked Truth

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