“Got Abs?” One of the Greatest Weight loss Myths

Man & Woman Flat Stomachs

This is one of the greatest myths perpetuated throughout the diet/fitness industry. I could do a 1,000 crunches with a client and their tummy will not get any leaner or flatter. I will make their core stronger, but not leaner. Why? Because your stomach is a direct reflection of your D-I-E-T. If you’re still eating foods that trigger your insulin, then your stomach will not get leaner, nor will you be any healthier.

Furthermore, the muscles in your abdomen are small strips of muscle. Hence, they do not burn a lot of fuel, i.e., body fat. It’s the larger muscle groups; glutes, legs, back, and chest, that burn a lot more fuel, which means your body will, subsequently, be burning a lot more body fat. Plus, you can never out train a poor diet. 80/20 rule: 80% nutrition. 20% workout.

Getting a lean, flat stomach is what most people strive for, but, sadly, one of the biggest myths told about getting healthy—and why so many people give up when they do finally join a gym, especially women, because it’s also terribly unfamiliar to them. They want to lose the weight, but don’t really know how. So, like millions of others, they join the local gym. They go in excited for change, walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes while reading a book, followed by five minutes of various ab machines, and then walk out thinking they trained. They did not. Their body never changes. They’re still eating the same unhealthy foods that are triggering their insulin. They have no idea how to train. (This often applies to most men, too.) Thus, after a few months, they’re extremely frustrated by the lack of results. They quit. They go home and eat some pizza, washing it down with a large soda. They do nothing else, until the next new year rolls around. The cycle repeats again and again.

FACT: Your stomach reflects not only your diet, but also DISEASE within the body. Focus on reducing your waist and insulin gauge (the widest girth of your stomach). This is when your health will improve in so many extraordinary ways! This is the science behind achieving optimum health.

FACT: You have to have muscle mass to burn body fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more body fat you will burn—and the healthier you will become.

FACT: Cardio is a muscle depleting exercise. Stop beating up your body, organs, joints, etc., with all that running. Instead, make your body work for you 24/7 by building lean muscle mass. Muscle is metabolically active. It will burn body fat 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

I hope the aforementioned helps you get the lean, flat tummy you have always desired!

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The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman

Author, Diet Failure the Naked Truth

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  • Augustus O.

    A lot of great tips you are got in this post. Lately, have been working on adding weight and body building, I have a slim body. What dietary would you suggest I follow?

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