Diet Failure is Not Your Fault


One of the most empowering things I can share with others, especially women, is that diet failure is not their fault. It is a fact, and an alarming reality, that 98% of all attempts to lose weight, be it, low cal, low fat, or low carb diets, even stomach stapling—inevitably fail.

Haven’t you ever wondered why it’s so hard to stick to a healthy way of eating? Haven’t you ever wondered why, no matter how many times, in how many ways, health experts tell you what to eat to lose the weight, you simply can’t stick to their diets? Haven’t you ever wondered why cravings are always your downfall? Haven’t you ever wondered why all your diets have failed? Of course, you have. We all have. Time after time, you start a diet with all the passion, conviction, and promises that you’ll succeed. You vow to do whatever it takes, and as long as it takes, to lose the weight. Considering you’re far from being a quitter, you begin each new diet with this same intensity. You’re off to a great start. Eating low calorie, then low fat, now it’s low carb. You’re not really sure what to eat anymore, but you are committed like never before.

Sadly, only weeks, maybe months into it, you find yourself sabotaging this diet as well. Chip by chip. Cookie by cookie. You find it impossible to resist the foods that have always given you such comfort. With each loss of control, the pounds start to creep back on. Whatever weight you lost, you’ve gained back—and more! But why? Why is it so hard? It’s not like you’re incompetent. After all, you’re successful in your career. You have a happy and fulfilling marriage with three beautiful children, so why is it you can’t succeed at losing some lousy weight—and keep it off?

Wouldn’t you like to know why all your best intentions have never been enough? Wouldn’t you like to know why food has always controlled you? Wouldn’t you like to know why, no matter how hard you train, you still don’t have the body that you really desire? Aren’t you tired of people assuming you’re overweight because you’re weak-willed, lazy, or unwilling? Don’t you want to know why all your diets have failed?

The answer lies within your brain: I call it the Serotonin-Insulin Connection. It holds the critical key to living a healthy lifestyle, to help you prevent and/or reverse the most common diseases—and to get the body you’ve always desired.

For more information on the Serotonin-Insulin Connection, and how to achieve this extraordinary success, I invite you to please read my 3rd edition, Diet Failure the Naked Truth. 

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The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman

Author, Diet Failure the Naked Truth

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  • Charntelle Palarche

    Trying to loose weight and get healthy trying to avoid getting diabetes that runs in my family, plus i am getting married in 2years

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