BMI: Inaccurate. Ineffective. Dangerous.


I would hope that in this year of 2017, medical professionals would have the basic knowledge about what constitutes a healthy body. And it’s not BMI. Body mass index is not based on science. It is false. It is misleading. Yet, doctors everywhere are using this useless scale to determine their patient’s health.

I recently went to an urgent care clinic. The doctor attempted to tell me I could die, because my BMI was too low. “DIE?!?!” I was already feeling ill due to a severe reaction to the PPD in my hair dye. As such, I was hardly in the mood to be scolded, and so unjustly, about my BMI. Even though I felt lousy, I did my best to hold my ground and inform this doctor that he was mistaken and BMI has no merit. He became extremely argumentative with me and told me, “You are wrong!” Needless to say, I was infuriated by his aggressive and insulting attitude toward me, more so, because I came to them, because I wasn’t feeling well.

Worse yet, this doctor then prescribed me an antibiotic that clearly warned could cause renal failure. He was well aware that my kidneys are not 100% due to a genetic disorder. But yet he described me a drug that could’ve killed me. This doctor was so busy verbally spanking me about some bogus BMI, he almost shut my kidneys down. This man needs to go back to school, retire early, or find a new career before he kills someone.

I have never trusted doctors, for these reasons—and countless more. They are not God. They are not all knowing/all seeing. They are human beings with a certain credential. They make mistakes. Lots of them. So often their arrogance does not allow them to look beyond their outdated school books. They do not care to truly look at what their patients are telling them. They don’t care to discover the underlying cause of their patients issues, instead, they mask that condition with a drug, which will create a new disease. And so the story goes…

Fact: Do you know what they call the student who was last in his medical class? “Doctor.”

I have since written the Founder/CEO of American Family Care to tell him exactly how I feel about the inept and negligent care I received by his doctor.

In closing, and as I warn all of my clients and readers, do your very best to stay healthy so you do not have to rely on doctors. If you do get sick, have an advocate to watch your back. Do your own research and question the drugs, treatment, etc., they suggest. It could very well save your life or someone you love.

The Greatest Wealth is Health,

Phoenix Gilman
Body by Phoenix (Private Weight Loss & Personal Training Studio)
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Researcher, Marietta,GA
Product Developer, Author
Weight Loss/Anti-Aging Expert
Life Coach, Consumer Activist, Speaker