Weight Loss, Anti-Aging and Personal Training Program




Training in a private studio

One-on-one personalized training with Phoenix Gilman at your side 

Phoenix Gilman’s 43+ years of diverse expertise, as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, respected researcher, international author, weight loss/anti-aging expert, motivational speaker—and more! 

Two sessions per week/eight sessions per month

An hour’s worth of training in just 30 minutes! “Get you in. Get you out.” (This is NOT a boot camp. It is, rather, time-efficient/time effective training done safely.)

Phoenix Gilman’s training is always varied, challenging, yet empowering, from functional training, TRX/suspension training, kickboxing, rowing, traditional weights, bodyweight training, agility ladder—and much more! 

In only three short weeks, her clients lose an amazing 5 to 15 inches in just the three areas that she measures; waist, insulin gauge (the widest part of the stomach), and hips. 

She teaches her clients what she calls the “Science of Nutrition” so they will know exactly what to eat to be as lean and as healthy as possible.

Unlimited nutritional/lifestyle coaching—and at no additional charge, as long as you are within her Program. Without this nutritional expertise, you will never achieve the health and/or body you seek

She will teach you why the carbs/sugar cravings have always sabotaged your many past diets, more importantly, you will learn how to control your cravings for good!

She will teach you how to, a) stop your body from storing new body fat, b) read a nutritional panel, c) understand the importance of and how to track macros, d) learn how/why we’re eating certain foods, etc.

Phoenix Gilman can mitigate various addictions: carbs/sugar, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine—and in record time.

She will stop a transfer of addictions.

She will teach you the TRUTH her research is based so you never have to diet again. You will learn exactly what to eat so as to get the body you desire, as well as the mental and emotional health you want.  

Analyze, monitor, and significantly improve blood chemistry profile. Body by Phoenix is helping her clients reverse and/or avoid numerous diseases. Hundreds of bloodwork tests validate this.

Monitor a client’s success with monthly body composition testing

Monitor a client’s success with photos and videos.

Phoenix Gilman guides her clients on key supplementation

She teaches each client about the research her books are based on. Her areas of research: Neurochemistry and nutrition. You will learn all about how one major neurotransmitter governs your eating habits—and far more! 

She can safely wean clients off antidepressants, alleviate depression, mood swings, PMS, ADD, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux, and hypertension, stabilize cholesterol panels, significantly reduce harmful body fat, triglycerides, and A1c, reduce one’s risk for stroke, heart attack, certain cancers, all the while, helping the client get leaner, stronger, look decades younger, and feel so much better!  

Body by Phoenix provides each new client with her STARTER PACKAGE, which includes a copy of her 3rd edition, key supplements, proprietary docs, grocery store list, over 150 easy to make and healthy meal ideas, and much more. (This is a one time charge of $250)

Clients pay just one month in advance per 8 sessions

PLEASE NOTE: The only time a client is actually paying for Body by Phoenix’s expertise is when they’re on the training floor. She does not charge for the unlimited life-changing/life-saving nutritional and lifestyle coaching she provides to her clients throughout their Program.  


She delivers truly extraordinary results for her many clients. She’s able to do for her clients what most medical doctors cannot. And, she does so safely, effectively—and in record time. 

Based on the above extensive and unique Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Program offered exclusively by Phoenix Gilman, her rates start as low as $50 per session, depending on the length of contract chosen.

* Phoenix Gilman invites you to please view her many professional endorsements, moreover, her BEFORE/AFTER video of her clients, found here on her website. The exceptional results speak for themselves.