You Either Want It or You Don’t

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You Either Want It or You Don’t

You either want to be lean, healthy, feel and look fantastic, or you don’t. Simple, as that. There is no short cut. There is no quick fix. You have do the work. You have to want it! If you learn the critical role serotonin plays with regard to your eating habits, and you learn what is truly healthy, there is no easier way to live this lifestyle—and reach your goals.

Unfortunately, far too many of my clients say they want it, but refuse to do the work. I gave them the solution. They hold the key. Tragically, they refuse to work it, to use the science-based solution that was given to them. It pains me deeply to watch those who had such extraordinary success choose wine, pizza, bread, sodas, etc., over feeling great, moreover, being lean, strong, and healthy. No matter how hard I try, I can’t pull some back from the proverbial edge. If they never experienced success before, I might understand their unwillingness to try, to believe. However, these clients have. They achieved so much! Sadly, they somehow let life get in their way. They let others dictate their life and their choices, choices that will affect them in countless negative ways.

My job, as a trainer and nutritionist, is to always inspire my clients, motivate them, and make them want more than they may want for themselves. I try every day to make a difference. Yet, no matter my endless pleading, some still choose to go backwards, to toy with numerous diseases, settle for larger clothes, feeling like absolute crap, wanting to hide from the world, and on and on. No one wants this for themselves! They just give up! But why?? They forget how far they came. They forget why they first came to me. Hence, the vicious cycle.

Life is a fleeting moment in time. We are are getting older by the minute. How do see yourself at 60, 70, 80? Enjoying life … or sitting in a wheelchair? Diapers wrapped securely? Oxygen tank being dragged behind you? Weak, helpless and with no memory left of your younger years? Stop making excuses. The time is now. It is never too late to change.

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