Philosophy: Defy - and Define Your Age!

FACT: 98% of all diets inevitably fail. They fail because of carb/sugar cravings and
overall appetite.

Phoenix’s research reveals the critical key to overcoming both of these major issues.
She teaches this proven science to her clients.

FACT: 80% of your success when working out is based on what you eat.
Are you eating foods that will make your body store more fat or… burn more fat?

Phoenix teaches her clients’ the science of nutrition. She teaches them how to
eat healthy
for life. Reducing excess body fat safely, effectively and quickly, is
just one of
the many health benefits that she brings to her clients.

FACT:The only thing worse than NOT working out, is wasting your time when you do.

Phoenix combines her own unique style of personal training that comes from
36 plus years of diverse experience; an exciting and ALWAYS fresh blend of
weight training, functional training,  kickboxing, suspension training, sandbag
training, cardio blasts, and much more! Her sessions, an hour of training
condensed into an exhilarating 30 minutes, will have you in the best shape
of your life! Each session is personalized for that particular client. Not forgetting,
an extensive emphasis is placed on the critical, yet most often ignored ingredient,
NUTRITION. Combining these two essential elements allows her
clients to make
truly extraordinary changes—and with a minimal amount of time invested!

FACT: Many health conditions stem from poor nutritional/lifestyle choices, be it obesity,
type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension,
abnormal cholesterol panels, elevated trigs, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, etc.

Phoenix helps her clients’ prevent and overcome these various health conditions
by teaching them how to live a far healthier lifestyle.

FACT:Nutrition is a critical element in your physical, mental and emotional health.

Phoenix’s research reveals how the same foods that cause your body to store fat,
equally effect your mental/emotional health, i.e., mood swings, depression, rage,
ADD/ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. She teaches her clients’ how to prevent,
and overcome, these various health conditions.

Body by Phoenix is a unique business model for the fitness industry, one that‘s most
certainly needed by those hoping to get healthy in both BODY & MIND. With the
worldwide success that came with her book, Diet Failure…The Naked Truth, along
with the exceptional results she produced for her clients’ at a local gym in Marietta,
GA, Phoenix felt it was time to expand her reach into the community in which she lives.

Entrepreneur, Phoenix Gilman, is a respected researcher, international author and weight loss
expert with over 36 years of diverse experience, from personal trainer, fitness model and
nutritionist, to researcher, product developer, consumer activist and speaker. Fed up with the misinformation and marketing scams running rampant within the diet, food and pharmaceutical industries, she vowed to make a difference.

After dedicating four years extensively to R&D testing various clinical studies, Phoenix spent
another two years to write about that life-saving research. Her areas of research? Neurochemistry
and nutrition. Her critically acclaimed book is DIET FAILURE…THE NAKED TRUTH:
The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight and Achieving Extraordinary Health at Any Age

As the premiere weight loss expert, Phoenix reveals how to control the two critical reasons why
98% of all diets fail, i.e., carb/sugar cravings and binge eating. In fact, she’s able to mitigate
some of our most common addictions, ranging from sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
Phoenix can also explain, and alleviate, a transfer of addictions. 

In addition, Phoenix’s work has shown to reverse type 2 diabetes and hypertension, alleviate depression, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, PMS and migraines.
She’s significantly lowering triglycerides, VLDLs and LDLs (no harmful drugs needed), while
notably increasing HDLs. All of this combined equals greatly reducing risks for heart disease,
stroke, heart attack, diabetes, certain cancers, and many other serious health conditions.  

Her research, supported by clinical studies, has been recognized by many, including the
Centers for Disease Control,, “Focus Atlanta,” Citizens Commission on Human
Rights, Atkins, best-selling authors Michael Murray, ND, co-author of the Encyclopedia of
Natural Medicine
, Diana Schwarzbein, MD, author of The Schwarzbein Principle, and
numerous other high-profile experts.

In less than two years, Phoenix’s book went international, both in Russia and Italy. In 2011,
a publishing house in Vietnam bought the copyright, along with her book also going into
Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to her 500 plus worldwide interviews, from radio, print, and TV, her book received
interest from the producers at Oprah, The TODAY Show, Tyra Banks, Montel Williams,
TIME and "O" magazines.

Phoenix was voted Woman of the Year, 2007, by the American Biographical Institute based
on her outstanding accomplishments to date and the noble example she has set for her
peers and entire community.  

Her 2nd Edition, a revised/updated edition, was launched in March 2011. 

*As a woman of integrity, Phoenix, age 50, is featured on her book cover, along with
her friend and male client, Billy, age 57.